Specialist EV conversions company London Electric Cars has released a new electric conversion kit for the original Mini. Based on Nissan Leaf donor running gear it has a 20 kWh battery pack, which gives a range of between 60 and 70 miles.

The battery pack is split between the boot, which was never the biggest to start with, and under the Bonnet, and the charging system will accept a 7 kW feed.

Being based on a 1990s Mini you’ll get extremely direct steering (no power assistance) with fantastic go-kart handling, and the standard 109 hp from the Nissan Leaf motor will feel extremely rapid compared to even a Mini Cooper S. Expect a sub-8 second 0-60.

London Electric Cars

Compared to most classic EV conversions the cost of £25,000 is relatively low, but obviously a used Nissan Leaf will give you similar range around the city for around a third of the cost, albeit without anywhere near the amount of driving fun or nostalgia.

LEC also offer a larger 25 kWh or 33 kWh batteries, giving 90 and 120 miles of range respectively.

Other classics LEC have converted include an early LandRover, Volvo 140 and Morris Minor.

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