About EV Directory

EV Directory is the definitive global directory of businesses providing services for electric vehicles. Whether it’s new EVs, used cars, charging networks, batteries, technology or simply information and advice, you’ll find it via our site.

The world is changing rapidly. We need to transition away from fossil fuels and the huge environmental damage caused by producing and using them. The future is electric-motor-powered combined with 100% clean energy generation. But that doesn’t mean it only has to be electric cars. There is a huge shift to more efficient and more accessible mobility, whether that means e-Bikes, e-scooters or lighter-weight delivery vehicles, to name a few. At EVdirectory.co we make it easy for you to find suppliers of these new and innovative vehicles and technologies, as well as more conventional cars, vans and trucks.

EV Directory is electric vehicles only – you won’t find yourself wading through lots of listings for gas (petrol) and diesel vehicles, or general businesses. As a business owner you can create a free standard listing, but you might want to take advantage of our featured package(s) to promote your company and gain more customers via our specialist portal. Users can check contact details, social media and opening hours of companies. They can also read and write reviews about the listed businesses.

Our site is developed by a small IT team with massive experience in project managing and delivering full-stack digital/agile projects for both startups and large corporations. We also happen to be EV (car and bike) owners and early-adopters.

All monthly proceeds from paid packages are invested back into developing the site. We don’t take a single cent out in salaries or fees!

We’d like to acknowledge and thank EV Clicks for providing their image bank resource to the EV community. Please do contribute if you have some good EV-related photos.