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Replace your Nissan Leaf EV battery

The earliest Nissan Leafs are now 10 years old and didn’t start off with a large battery (24kWh) due to the very high costs at the time of launch. Battery prices have reduced by around 80% over that period, and

Can you tow with an electric vehicle?

If you have a trailer, horse box, RV camper-trailer or caravan you have something in common: a towing requirement. We often get asked ‘Can you tow with an EV?’ and ‘What’s the effect on range?’. And as caravan owners ourselves

Smart releases teaser images of new eSUV

Smart have recently transitioned to an all-electric range, but it’s fair to say the current generation of cars have not engaged the public. The exterior design hasn’t excited and the fundamental issue of a small battery (16kWh) can’t be avoided.

Transition to electric vehicles not happening fast enough to meet climate change targets

A report from the UK’s NAO (National Audit Office) has flagged that emissions from cars in the UK are not falling as fast as expected. In 2018 car emissions represented 19% of UK total emissions, and this headline figure has

Nissan survey: EV drivers travel further on average than ICE (petrol/diesel)

Nissan has undertaken a comprehensive survey of 7,000 ICE and EV drivers in 9 European countries; the data was obtained during February 2021. There were some key findings: European EV drivers are yearly travelling further on average than petrol/diesel (ICE)