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Affordable EV classic Mini from London conversion specialist

Specialist EV conversions company London Electric Cars has released a new electric conversion kit for the original Mini. Based on...
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Replace your Nissan Leaf EV battery

The earliest Nissan Leafs are now 10 years old and didn't start off with a large battery (24kWh) due to...
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Can you tow with an electric vehicle?

If you have a trailer, horse box, RV camper-trailer or caravan you have something in common: a towing requirement. We...
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Smart releases teaser images of new eSUV

Smart have recently transitioned to an all-electric range, but it's fair to say the current generation of cars have not...
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Transition to electric vehicles not happening fast enough to meet climate change targets

A report from the UK's NAO (National Audit Office) has flagged that emissions from cars in the UK are not...
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Nissan survey: EV drivers travel further on average than ICE (petrol/diesel)

Nissan has undertaken a comprehensive survey of 7,000 ICE and EV drivers in 9 European countries; the data was obtained...
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